Calcium Carbonate

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Colorless powder. It slowly reacts with NH4ClO4 in presence of moisture. Calcium carbonate is often used in toy fireworks as a cheap substitute for strontium salts, but the flame is reddish orange and not so beautiful as with Strontium Carbonate

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Calcium Carbonate is preferred as a filler material in pyrotechnic compositions because it is inexpensive, abundant, and has a low toxicity. It is also known for its ability to create a bright white color when burned, which makes it useful in creating white sparks and other effects in fireworks.

It plays an important role in the manufacture of fireworks by providing a safe and effective filler material for pyrotechnic compositions.

Dust may cause irritation to eyes, skin or respiratory system. Wear gloves, goggles, and dust mask when manipulating fine powder

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