About Us


Fireworks Cookbook was started by a few pyros in southern Georgia. We have been into fireworks manufacturing for many years. We started this site in hopes of providing a service to the pyrotechnics community by providing low cost and high-quality chemicals and a central database for pyrotechnic formulas.


We have spent the majority of our professional lives dedicated to fireworks and pyrotechnics and have sourced the very very best in high-quality chemicals and materials.

We are part of pyrotechnic clubs like Pyrotechnics Guild International (PGI), Florida Pryo Arts Guild (FPAG), Midlands Pyro Association (MPA) and others. We are also members of amazing sites like Fireworking.com, Passfire.com and others.

We have a number of exciting projects planned in the near future including additional chemicals, kits, colored smoke, tooling, and others.

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