Aluminum German Dark Pyro (5413H Super)

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German Dark Pyro Aluminum powder is one of the most often used fuels in pyrotechnics. A wide range of effects are possible with different types of powder, with differences in particle size, shape, and impurities

Due to the conflict in Europe, German-made products have increased significantly in price.  There is no estimate of when or even if the price will come back down.

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German Dark Pyro Aluminum Powder 5413H Super is a very fine powder and dark grey in color. The nominal size can range from 200 mesh down to 2µ. There is a wide variety of uses for dark aluminum, for example, flash powders, star compositions, fountains, waterfalls, torches, flares, etc. For all these purposes it is generally used as a fuel.

Many powders sold as “dark” aren´t really dark aluminum but the atomized type (often 63µ) and although the color of the former may vary it has to be dark grey and not light grey or even whitish grey (some of the best dark aluminum comes from Eckart Germany and this powder is nearly black in color = German Dark Pyro Aluminum ). Under the microscope, it´s possible to identify atomized and dark powders quite well: the former are spherical in shape while the latter are irregular and angular. German Dark Pyro Aluminum Powder 5413H Super is manufactured by Eckart.

The finest powders (e.g., German Dark and XD-30) can be ‘airfloat’ and are commonly used in flash compositions.   German Dark Pyro Aluminum is also used in small percentages in some hobby-rocket fuels. Courser powders are generally used for sparkling effects. With these larger particle types, many effects–such as flitter, glitter, firefly and snowball–can be achieved. 5413 is one of the finest dark flake aluminum available at 3 microns (4000 mesh).

Aluminum is a neurotoxin that alters the function of the blood-brain barrier. Additionally, small particles that are airborne act as tiny razors when they come in contact with lung or eye tissue, and a dust mask and goggles should be worn at all times when working with aluminum powder. Mixtures containing nitrates and aluminum powder are prone to heating up spontaneously and may ignite, especially when wet. This is caused by the reduction of the nitrate by aluminum, forming amides. These very basic compounds react further with aluminum powder in a very exothermic reaction that can cause spontaneous ignition. An ammonia smell is often produced in this reaction. Adding 1 to 2% Boric Acid to compositions containing nitrates and aluminum is common practice and will often prevent spontaneous ignition.

German Dark Pyro Aluminum Technical Data Sheet

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26 reviews for Aluminum German Dark Pyro (5413H Super)

  1. thorlancaster328

    I just made some flash powder with this stuff and it is POWERFUL. This powder mixes well and is free of clumps. The flash powder I made with this is SEVERAL times more powerful than the stuff you can harvest from consumer grade fireworks. A little goes a long way.

  2. Clinton Borr

    I agree with you

  3. DirtDiver (verified owner)

    Excellent quality, extremely fine, exceeds my expectations as far as competitive price goes.
    Best bang for your buck.
    Product here is about 200% lower than other site. Very please

  4. Stepanie Flamm

    This stuff is amazing to work with. So much better than the Indian. Pay the little extra and get the good stuff

  5. Kattie Harston

    Your price on this is amazing. I was skeptical at first because it’s half or even more than what others are charging but this is the exact right stuff and works amazing. I will be back

  6. Cody Eaglen

    I did not think this was the same stuff that others are selling for 2 or 3 times as much but it is the genuine German Dark I have been looking for. Amazing product as an amazing price

  7. baggs (verified owner)

    Great product, super price, and works better then all the rest. Crazy is what other companies charge for it now-a-days. I have seen it priced at twice as much, from large mail order companies. Just happy to find a new home for my purchases… HERE!!!!! Everything is super, I am again happy!

  8. Johnny Danger

    Works wonderfully! Nice fine powder, no clumps, mixes very easily and blows other places out of the water in price comparison.

  9. Randy (verified owner)

    Nice stuff man super fine powder and very loud

  10. Runic7

    Bang! This aluminum powder is the best you’re going to find out there! Free flowing airfloat aluminum that doesn’t clump like the Indian. Produces a sharp crack when put loosely into a 1.75 inch aerial shell. As Thorlancaster said, a little goes a long way- approximately 200mg is all you’re going to need for an entertaining blast in the sky. Side note, it also looks great as a colorant for painting.

  11. Daren Ellwood (verified owner)

    It is the best, not in my opinion, that is FACT. If your unlucky and it’s sold out or it won’t let you buy any more cuz you hit the limit, you can try the Indian blackhead as a replacement. I wish I could get my hands on more of this

    • Fireworks Cookbook

      With ID submitted you are not limited to how much you can buy

  12. Curve57 (verified owner)

    I wish I would have ordered everything from these guys. This stuff is the absolute best. Shipping was immediate and here before the 4th. You guys rock!

  13. ganduff3 (verified owner)

    awesome sauce the best powder i have ever used. the best bang ever.

  14. James Caldroney (verified owner)

    This is the best powder I have ever purchased! You can’t beat the price either! Supervise and very reactive, waiting for restocking!!!

  15. James Caldroney (verified owner)

    This is the best powder I have ever purchased! You can’t beat the price either! Superfine and very reactive, waiting for restocking!!!

  16. MICHAEL HAMMER (verified owner)

    Real nice to work with. FWCB has the best price , fastest shipping and best products hands down.

  17. cwb1989 (verified owner)

    After trying and failing 3 different times trying to find real German dark and now i have found the best quality I could of ever hoped for. All my business is coming here

  18. ReactiveRecipesFCB (verified owner)

    Absolutely excellent. Went above and beyond expectations. Better price, better quality, Fireworks Cookbook is simply the best chemical outlet, and this aluminum powder goes to show it.

  19. Jeremy (verified owner)

    This product burns BRIGHT. Very impressive. Mixes easily. A little bit goes a long way. 1 lb is going to last a LONG time for me. Thanks for the quick shipping!

  20. Kenneth Gookin (verified owner)

    Just got my first order today and YES its the real deal, was so impressed I turned around and got all the chems for my entire 4th show. With prices like these I will be back EVERY YEAR!

  21. Tennessee shooter (verified owner)

    This stuff works great for 22LR sensitive binary targets. Shipping is fast and the price is better than any other company.

  22. Slater1234 (verified owner)

    Best deals on the Web for pyro. chem. as well as the best quality. Shipping time is good but the cost of shipping is pretty steep, still worth shopping here, would and do definitely recommend!

  23. Trevor Henry (verified owner)

    This is everything ive been looking for! Great for anything you can emagine. This website is very credible!

  24. Kel (verified owner)

    Great stuff The best price. Outstanding service. The quickest delivery.

  25. [email protected] (verified owner)

    Product came sooner than expected and was exactly as advertised, 100% satisfied customer right here

  26. Eric Woomer (verified owner)

    Beyond expectations! Makes extremely brisant flash that’s surprisingly stable with friction/impact tests. Great prime booster as well, not too mention the awesome price and no rip off shipping (unlike competitors charging almost $20 to ship one pound of chem)

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