Antimony Trisulfide (Dark Pyro)

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Antimony trisulfide is a black powder. It is a fuel used in various white star compositions of the potassium perchlorate-base. It is sometimes used in glitter compositions, fountain compositions and flash powder, however, it is used less and less for flash powder as it is very poisonous and can usually be replaced by sulfur or completely omitted. Flash compositions containing antimony trisulfide are very sensitive to friction, shock, and static electricity.
Chinese Needle: -200 mesh
Dark Pyro: -325 mesh

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Wear proper protective clothing, including a dust mask and gloves, when working with compositions containing antimony trisulfide as it is very poisonous, and toxic to the kidneys and liver.

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Weight 1 lbs
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  1. Lee Bakewell (verified owner)

    Best antimony sulfide at the best price I’ve encountered, and I’ve got some from pretty much everywhere over the years. Very fine and fluffy, far easier to weigh precise amounts with. The only recommendation I can make is double bag this stuff on it’s own, it’s very dense and tends to burst the ziplock bags open. It’s toxic, creates very sensitive compositions with oxidizers, and very dark/messy, so it’s definitely something you don’t want to leak and/or mix with other chems. Quality and price easily earns five stars alone.

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