Veline Color Star System

$101.50 Per Kit

4lb Potassium Perchlorate
1lb Parlon
1lb Red Gum
1lb Magnalium -200 mesh
1lb Strontium Carbonate
1lb Calcium Carbonate
1lb Copper Oxide Black
1lb Barium Nitrate
1lb Barium Carbonate
1lb Dextrin

The Veline color system is a set of versatile compositions, that allows virtually any flame color to be generated, using only ten firework chemicals. The basic color compositions may be combined into mixed color compositions.  This kit contains enough chemicals to make over 5 POUNDS OF STARS

Even if there may be better alternatives in case of each color, the main advantage of the system is that the colors are well balanced in terms of brightness and intensity and therefore harmonize well when displayed simultaneously.

All percentages are by weight. The solvent is 75/25% water/alcohol.  Although Robert Veline included a prime with his system we recommend you use a different prime like Monacapa

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Basic color compositions         
Chemical Red Orange Green Blue
Strontium carbonate 15%      
Calcium carbonate   15%    
Barium carbonate     15%  
Copper (II) oxide (black)       15%
Barium nitrate     24%  
Potassium perchlorate (fine powder) 55% 55% 30% 55%
Parlon  15% 15% 15% 15%
Red gum 9% 9% 5% 9%
Magnalium (-200 mesh) 6% 6% 11% 6%
Dextrin +4% +4% +4% +4%
Mixed color compositions      
Desired Color Red basic Orange basic Green basic Blue basic
Yellow   45% 55%  
Chartreuse   20% 80%  
Aqua     80% 20%
Turquoise     55% 45%
Magenta 50%     50%
Maroon 85%     15%
Peach 25% 60%   15%
Purple 15% 5%   80%


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