Titanium Sponge -20+40 mesh

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Titanium Sponge is used in pyrotechnics to produce bright white sparks of superior quality. The particle size and shape of the titanium will affect the color and duration of the sparks, with smaller mesh producing smaller and shorter-lasting sparks.

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Titanium Sponge is a very effective generator of white (silver) sparks when used in the manufacture of fireworks.  This is because of three of its properties: it ignites easily and burns readily in air, it has a high boiling point, and it is corrosion-resistant.  Because of this unique combination of desirable properties, the use of titanium in fireworks is generally easy, relatively safe and very effective.  If you are looking for a more yellowish spark then you can look at Ferro Titanium.

The effect of a titanium-fountain is superior to all effects that can be obtained with aluminum or magnalium for that purpose.

The use of titanium sponge in pyrotechnic formulations is relatively safe, particularly in regard to adverse chemical reactions. However, titanium metal powders finer than about 240 mesh are quite susceptible to accidental ignition by static electricity, and the presence of an oxidizer only aggravates this situation.  Thus caution is appropriate when using titanium finer than 100 mesh, particularly when it is possible that the material contains titanium finer than about 240 mesh. Titanium metal powders finer than about 325 mesh can be almost pyrophoric (spontaneously burn in air).  Material this fine must be handled with extreme caution.

The titanium sponge used can be either granular sponge or flakes, both work satisfactorily. However, the granular sponge does work somewhat better in salutes while flake material works better in most other applications

While it will not react with any pyrotechnic chemicals, Titanium Sponge can spark if hit with other metals (especially steel) or against itself.  Black powder compositions containing titanium, such as often used in fountains, are notably more sensitive than mixtures without titanium.

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2 reviews for Titanium Sponge -20+40 mesh

  1. Jessek1486 (verified owner)

    Beautiful product, works exactly as intended and was very nicely packed in 2 plastic bags. Also crackles a bit when used in a fountain/lance, which I’ve not had with other Ti sponge before.

  2. Sniperghost (verified owner)

    Very nice product, produces brilliant white sparks, that light up the whole sky! Turns ordinary charcoal spark comets into brilliant white showered comets. If you want a good white titanium effect, this will do a great job.

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