Sodium Bentonite Clay (Granulated)

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Sodium Bentonite Clay is a gray solid, mostly in dust or pellet form. It is generally used for rocket nozzles since it doesn’t disintegrate quickly like cardboard or other products.


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Sodium Bentonite Clay is considered by many as a healing clay and has been widely used.  When applied to the skin, it is thought to absorb toxins and poisons that get trapped in the skin. The clay typically originates from the mountainous Wyoming region and mined directly from the earth. Its coloring can range from light gray to off-white with little to no odor. It’s filled with minerals and is considered by many to have a shelf life of 4-5 years. It is important to note that Bentonite clay is not suitable for ingestion. This is a natural product from the earth that is known to contain lead.

The different types of bentonite are each named after the respective dominant element, such as potassium (K), sodium (Na), calcium (Ca), and aluminum (Al). Experts debate a number of nomenclatorial problems with the classification of bentonite clays. Bentonite usually forms from weathering of volcanic ash, most often in the presence of water.

Sodium Bentonite Clay has a 5 Pound Minimum and can be found in some of the rocket kits

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