Silicon Metal Powder -200 mesh

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The material used in fireworks is a dark gray powder called “fuzed” silicon. It is mainly used for hot primes in combination with potassium nitrate or gunpowder, forming ignition compositions for special devices such as waterfalls with high Al content, or stars which are likely to blow blind. Once ignited, such primes produce a hot molten glass droplets and assure ignition of the main effect. They produce quite high temperatures, for the melting point of Si is 1420 deg C.


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 Silicon is irritating to skin, eyes and respiratory tract.

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  1. Josh (verified owner)

    I love making flares; however, I do not love using a high quantity of expensive metals to make them. This silicon metal powder is the perfect filling agent in flares, as I have found that replacing up to 35% of the original metal content of a composition will not impact the brightness of the flare, nor will it negatively affect the burn rate. This metal powder is also perfect for making a prime for flares; I use 62% KNO3, 10% hot charcoal, 10% sulfur, 8% magnalium, 8% silicon metal, and 2% starpol, this prime should be primed with a little BP.
    Once again, five stars from me!

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