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Red Gum is one of the most widely used organic fuels in modern pyrotechnics and is particularly effective with Potassium perchlorate.

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Red Gum is a main fuel in the popular Veline Color Star System and is made from the excretions of Grass Trees (Xanthorrhoea Genus), native to Australia.  Red gum is soluble in many conventional solvents; alcohols, ethers, and ketones. Ethanol, methanol, acetone, isopropanol, and butanone are commonly used in pyrotechnic preparation. It also can be used as a binder.

Red gum is not particularly dangerous or toxic.

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4 reviews for Red Gum Milled

  1. Alexander

    Very high quality chemical. Great fuel and very fine reddish-orange powder! Highly recommended from this distributor!

  2. cookies (verified owner)

    good stuff, much better and easier than trying to find and mill your own

  3. Tracytoors

    Good choose, fast delivery time, average prices. All this words about this service. I am a customer of this service 1.5 years, like it

  4. John Hutchinson

    Very fine and pure. Ready to use right out of the bag. I’ve used other sources of red gum before that just didn’t stand up to this red gum that comes from down under. Great binder and fuel additive. Used with a great pure perchlorate from this company and you can make some beautiful effects and bangs.

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