Phenolic Resin Milled

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Phenolic resin is a fuel and a binder used in pyrotechnic compositions. This resin is the specific resin that is used in the majority of Chinese formulas. It can be used to replace red gum in star formulas. And it has exciting properties as a binder when mixed with Hexamine

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Phenolic Resin Milled

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2 reviews for Phenolic Resin Milled

  1. PhoenixRising (verified owner)

    Great stuff! Comes milled very fine, so just mix and use. Crosslinks great with Hexamine too.

  2. Sniperghost (verified owner)

    Good stuff, and when cross linked with hexamine makes stars and comets that are almost indestructible. I searched and searched for the perfect ratio between phenolic to hexamine and found ONE article on pyro use.
    There should be between 9:1 ratio hexamine to phenolic weight, with 10% being the perfect amount(per the articles testing). So10g phenolic, to 1g hexamine. For good cross linking the entire compound needs to be heated to a minimum 65c(149F)-104c(219.2F) max temperature. No dwell time needed, the composition just needs heated to the minimum temp all the way through, to get the 2 chemicals to combine.
    Hope this helps someone out there looking to experiment with these 2 chemicals in stars or comets. USE COMMON SENSE WHEN HEATING FLAMMABLE COMPOSITIONS!!

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