Parlon (Chlorinated Rubber)

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Parlon is an acetone-soluble polymer that is used as a chlorine donor and binder. It is a good example of one of the new chemicals that has become available in the past few decades for use in compositions.

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Chlorine donors in fireworks are a chlorine-rich compound when combined with a fuel within a pyrotechnic flame, certain colors can be produced or enriched. The following table can be used whenever we want to substitute one chlorine donor for another. In this case, we would use more of the weaker donor to account for the missing chlorine.

Common chlorine donors and their approximate chlorine contents:

Ammonium chloride – 65%
Ammonium perchlorate – 20%
Chlorowax – 30-70%
Dechlorane – 78%
Hexachlorobenzene – 75%
Hexachloroethane – 90%
Lead chloride – 25%
Lindane – 73%
Mercury chloride – 15%
Parlon – 70%
PVC – 56%
Saran (PVDC) – 73%
Copper(I)Chloride (CuCl) ~50%

Parlon (Chlorinated Rubber) is not particularly dangerous.

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