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Lampblack is a common ingredient in the production of fireworks. Lampblack is essentially a form of carbon that is highly pure and finely divided, making it an ideal ingredient for fireworks

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In fireworks, lampblack is used primarily as a fuel and as a coloring agent. When mixed with other fuels, such as potassium nitrate, it can produce a bright, hot flame that is essential for creating the explosive effects of fireworks. It is also used to create black or gray colors in fireworks, either as a standalone colorant or in combination with other metal salts.

Overall, this is an important component in the production of many types of fireworks, and its unique properties make it a valuable tool for pyrotechnic engineers and enthusiasts alike.

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3 reviews for Lampblack

  1. Tomk (verified owner)

    It is very dirty as promised but is washes easily off of hands and out of clothes. It would probably stain any kind of porous surface. I made a batch of BP by replacing 5 parts of the charcoal with 5 parts (weight) of this. The result is terrifying! This stuff is so hot it is unbelievable! The only way I can conceive using it is for making quickmatch. It is definitely way to hot for lift powder.

  2. cookies

    makes the prettiest fire dust effects!! beware its like anti seize…if a little gets on you its on everything you came within 5 feet of and thought about touching. requires dawn or another soap to remove since its a oil based soot.

  3. Eric Woomer (verified owner)

    NICE! Made some BP with this in typical ratios (15%) and it’s an extremely fast powder. Does not ball mill well due to the chalk dust consistency (or possible moisture). Will cake to the sides of the jar in one mass but breaks up easy on a screen. Granulate it afterwards and it’s amazing. According to the description this is made with pine wood not oil soot like typical lampblack so may be why it performs well.

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