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Lampblack is obtained by the incomplete burning of pine wood and the resulting very fine powder usually passes 350 mesh. The work with it is known for its extreme dirtyness. Due to its fineness, it easily spreads into every mixture, even in small amounts. It might be used as a component of BP and the force of the resulting powder is large. Small amounts of lampblack are included in various compositions to enhance ignitability and effect. Lampblack is one of the main components of flower pots and moreover contributes to the Senko Hanabi effect. Some of the best and longest lasting (Japanese quality) golden streamer stars can be manufactured with it. Lampblack is not easily damped and therefore it is advisable to add a small amount of alcohol (reduces surface tension) to make moistening easier.

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Do not breathe as it is a suspected carcinogen.

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  1. Tomk (verified owner)

    It is very dirty as promised but is washes easily off of hands and out of clothes. It would probably stain any kind of porous surface. I made a batch of BP by replacing 5 parts of the charcoal with 5 parts (weight) of this. The result is terrifying! This stuff is so hot it is unbelievable! The only way I can conceive using it is for making quickmatch. It is definitely way to hot for lift powder.

  2. cookies

    makes the prettiest fire dust effects!! beware its like anti seize…if a little gets on you its on everything you came within 5 feet of and thought about touching. requires dawn or another soap to remove since its a oil based soot.

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