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Description 101 Beginners Kit was designed by Ned Gorski over at  This kit is all you need to following along with his Fireworking 101 tutorial over on  He has also designed Fireworking 201 and Fireworking 301 which are amazing tutorials.  Ned has made the Fireworking 101 series available to the public and you can watch the videos below.

Welcome message on

“I enjoy being able to work on fireworks, and to develop fireworking tutorials, on a full-time basis, and it’s the support that I get from this site which enables me to do just that.

I trust that the benefits will go both ways, and that you will find those projects of value for entertainment or educational purposes. Additionally, there’s just nothing like “sitting around the campfire”, chatting about pyro with like-minded folks.

For many of us, locating a regional pyrotechnic guild, and/or the Pyrotechnics Guild International (the PGI), and attending events where other fireworkers and spectators gather, feels like “coming home”.

Participating in an on-line Pyro Forum like the one in here, feels much the same. “Ah, these folks get who I am, and what I’m up to”.

In some ways, I’m hosting a party in here, and I ask that each of us treats the other party-goers as we would at any civilized gathering, and as we, ourselves, would like to be treated.

As with any new environment, a new website and forum will feel a bit unfamiliar at first. I had to spend some time getting the feel of the forum, and how to navigate the site and the various sections. Take your time to get acquainted with it all in here, and if you have any questions or suggestions, there’s a Suggestion Box in the forum for just that.”

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