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Chlorowax is a type of chlorinated paraffin resin, in the form of a cream-colored powder. It is used as a chlorine donor (contains 70% chlorine). 

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Chlorowax is a chlorine donor. Chlorine donors in fireworks are chlorine-rich compounds when combined with a fuel within a pyrotechnic flame, certain colors can be produced or enriched. The following table can be used whenever we want to substitute one chlorine donor for another. In this case, we would use more of the weaker donor to account for the missing chlorine.

Chlorowax is a trade name for a type of chlorinated paraffin, which is a group of organic compounds that are also used in fireworks as a binder or adhesive. Chlorowax is typically added to the composition of pyrotechnic mixtures to help bind the various chemicals together and improve their stability.

Common chlorine donors and their approximate chlorine contents:

Ammonium chloride – 65%
Ammonium perchlorate – 20%
Chlorowax – 30-70%
Dechlorane – 78%
Hexachlorobenzene – 75%
Hexachloroethane – 90%
Lead chloride – 25%
Lindane – 73%
Mercury chloride – 15%
Parlon – 70%
PVC – 56%
Saran (PVDC) – 73%
Copper(I)Chloride (CuCl) ~50%

Chlorowax is considered a relatively safe chemical to use in fireworks, as it is not highly reactive or explosive on its own. However, it is important to handle and store chlorowax properly to prevent accidental fires or explosions. In addition, exposure to high concentrations of chlorinated paraffins can be harmful to human health and the environment, so proper safety precautions should always be taken when working with these chemicals.

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