Boric Acid

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Boric acid, also known as hydrogen borate, is a chemical compound with the formula H3BO3. In the context of fireworks, boric acid is often used as a fuel and as a colorant to produce green flames.

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Boric acid can be used as a fuel in pyrotechnic compositions, especially in the creation of green fire effects. When burned, it releases a green flame due to the presence of boron in the compound. This makes it a popular choice for creating green fire in fireworks.  It can also be used as a colorant in pyrotechnic compositions. By adding it to a pyrotechnic star, it is possible to produce green flames and sparks, which can be used to create different visual effects in fireworks displays.

In addition to its use as a fuel and colorant, it can also be used as an additive in pyrotechnic compositions to improve their stability and shelf life. Overall, it plays an important role in the manufacture of fireworks by providing a safe and effective fuel and colorant for pyrotechnic compositions, as well as a stabilizing agent for improved shelf life.

Boric acid is poisonous if taken internally, and should be cleaned up very well after using

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  1. MontanaSky (verified owner)

    This is a must-have for any pyrotechnic makers “toolbox”.
    As a pharmacist, I have also recommended it to treat certain skin ailments.
    Boric acid powder has many uses but none more important than preventing spontaneous combustion. Please be safe when mixing chems…do your homework. HF.

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