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Aluminum powder is one of the most often used fuels in pyrotechnics. A wide range of effects are possible with different types of powder, with differences in particle size, shape, and impurities. T

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Blue Aluminum is a fine mixture of flake and atomized aluminum that can be used for a variety of effects.  Below is a video of blue aluminum being tested for flash reports.

For binary mixtures of blue aluminum and potassium perchlorate include electric matches, spolettes nosed with extra black match, and burst bags/burst containers using meal D powder of rice hulls/cork particles covered with black powder. Blends of 80% blue aluminum and fine flake aluminum make ignition easier while retaining most of the ignition source risk reduction seen with 100% blue aluminum uses. The data on formulations using sulfur are also provided. The formulation of 7 parts potassium perchlorate, 1 part sulfur, and 3 parts of a blend using 80% blue aluminum and 20% German or Indian Dark flake aluminum may be ignited by simple cross-matching of time fuse and still has reduced thermal, friction, and ESD sensitivity compared to formulations using only fine flake aluminum.”

Blue Aluminum is a neurotoxin that alters the function of the blood-brain barrier. Additionally, small particles that are airborne act as tiny razors when they come in contact with lung or eye tissue, and a dust mask and goggles should be worn at all times when working with aluminum powder. Mixtures containing nitrates and aluminum powder are prone to heating up spontaneously and may ignite, especially when wet. This is caused by the reduction of the nitrate by aluminum, forming amides. These very basic compounds react further with aluminum powder in a very exothermic reaction that can cause spontaneous ignition. An ammonia smell is often produced in this reaction. Adding 1 to 2% boric acid to compositions containing nitrates and aluminum is common practice and will often prevent spontaneous ignition.


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  1. Lee Bakewell (verified owner)

    This stuff is very unique and will produce some outstanding compositions. Take note that you should order extra and do some tests before really going all-out on projects with it. It will behave like atomized aluminum up to a point, then it just goes nuclear lol. Although it’s safer, you do have to really have some experience to make the best of this stuff as far as how your creations will perform.

  2. carlo corso (verified owner)

    Blue Al is safer to work with it

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