Barium Chlorate

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Barium chlorate is used as an oxidizer in green color compositions and can produce intense greens.  Fierce burning and high color purity compositions can be made with it.

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As an oxidizing agent, Barium Chlorate provides oxygen for the combustion of other pyrotechnic materials. When heated or ignited, it decomposes to release oxygen, which reacts with other materials in the pyrotechnic composition to produce a range of effects, including bright colors, sparks, and flames.

It is not commonly used in modern pyrotechnics due to its instability and potential for spontaneous combustion. It has a high risk of accidental ignition or explosion, particularly when it comes into contact with certain other chemicals or materials, such as sulfur or charcoal.

In recent years, it has been largely replaced by safer and more stable oxidizing agents, such as Potassium Perchlorate or Strontium Nitrate, in the manufacture of fireworks.

Barium chlorate is poisonous and a dust mask should be worn at all times when handling it. Barium chlorate should never be mixed with sulfur or sulfides or allowed to come in contact with mixtures containing sulfur or sulfides since this could result in spontaneous ignition. Sulfur reacts with water and air to form small amounts of sulfuric acid. Sulfuric acid and chlorates react producing ClO2, an explosive gas that will ignite many organic materials on contact. Mixtures made with barium chlorate are often especially sensitive to friction and shock (even more so than potassium chlorate based mixtures) and should be handled with extra care.

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