Magnalium MG/AL -200 Mesh

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Magnalium sometimes called Mg/Al is a very brittle alloy of magnesium and aluminum. Some common uses are in for spark effects, in strobing compositions, and in crackling stars.

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Magnalium used for strobe stars, for spark effects or to enhance other stars has to be finer than 120 mesh, while for use in crackling microstars it has to be something between 30 and 50 mesh. The coarser type is generally harder to find commercially. Magnalium can also be substituted into most mixtures that aluminum finds use in. These include; thermite and flash powder. Again, avoid unstable combinations, and remember that Mg/Al is very reactive.

Magnalium is much more powerful than aluminum powder (when compared at similar mesh size) and similar precautions should be taken as per magnesium. These include dangers of moisture and incompatibility with other compounds

Magnalium dust is harmful and a dust mask should be worn when handling fine dust.  Mixtures containing nitrates or ammonium perchlorate and magnalium sometimes heat up and may ignite spontaneously, especially when moist.  Coating with linseed oil will prevent reaction with nitrates, but this treatment does not protect the magnalium from ammonium perchlorate. Only treating with potassium dichromate will prevent this reaction. This is done by boiling in a 5% potassium dichromate solution.  Adding fine potassium dichromate powder to such compositions may also help.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 2 in
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-10+50 Mesh, -50+100 Mesh, -50 Mesh, -100+200 Mesh, -50+200 Mesh, -200 Mesh, -200+325 Mesh, -230+325 Mesh, -325 Mesh


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