Charcoal Eastern Red Cedar Ground

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Charcoal Hot/Fast finds widespread use in pyrotechnics. Many types of charcoal exist, each with its own properties.  Fast charcoal is primarily used for making fast-burning black powder for lift and break

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Charcoal Hot/Fast made from eastern red cedar and paulownia are considered great for fast black powder, while hardwood charcoals e.g. southern yellow pine charcoal are commonly used for spark effects. The particle size and the process used to make the charcoal also play an important role in the quality of the charcoal for a specific purpose.

The milled version is a fine air float that has been ball milled.  Non-milled will be ground or flake

Fine charcoal dust is easily breathed in, and a dust mask should be worn when working with it (black boogers).

Material Safety Data Sheet Paulownia Charcoal

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 2 in
Wood Type

Eastern Red Cedar, Eastern Red Cedar (milled), Paulownia, Paulownia (milled), Willow, Willow (milled), Adler, Alder (milled)

2 reviews for Charcoal Eastern Red Cedar Ground

  1. Tom

    I thought that Paulonia charcoal made fast BP, but this is even hotter. First, I ball milled the granular charcoal to dust. Then I milled the standard BP ingredients for a total of 3 hours. The result is BP that burns nearly instantaneously. I have no way of measuring the burn rate, but it is FAST. Just a couple of grams burns with a “thump”. It should be adequate for an end burning rocket; I’m sure a core burner would explode.

  2. Sniperghost

    Definitely worth the price, considering the cost of cedar wood, the fact it’s not as abundant as hardwood trees, AND the amount of time and effort it takes to make raw red cedar trees or lumber into charcoal, grind it, then screen it. How much is your time worth?? Definitely a good price on a pound of this great FAST charcoal.
    I actually did make some charcoal out of some red cedar here to try it, and see what it was all about.
    Let me tell you, the other reviewer IS NOT kidding when he said it’s fast!
    B.P. made from red cedar is no joke. Granular red cedar BP burns almost INSTANTLY and with a whoosh. It’s definitely a night and day difference between hardwood charcoal.
    Very good stuff I’m impressed by it.

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