Ball Mill

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  • Used for grinding materials to an extra fine powder.
  • Essential part of making fast black power and other fast burning comps
  • Base is double-walled 1/8″ aluminum extrusion with 3 web walls (pictured)
  • 13″ wide and 1 1/8″ tall
  • Lead media is a hardened ball with 6% antimony and 2% tin
  • Standard Zerk grease fittings
  • Built-in timer
  • 6-foot cord
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The finer, and the more intimately mixed, chemicals are in a firework composition, the faster, and more evenly, that composition or component will burn.

For compositions such as black powder for lift and burst, we do want to maximize burn rate and power. The more fine and intimately mixed the comp, the better.

The pictured all-aluminum base 2-jar mill weighs 53lbs.  Has built-in timer that goes 5, 10, 15, 20 30, 60, 120 and 240 minutes.  .  1-jar and 2-jar units will have a 1/3 HP and the 3-jar unit will have a 1/2 HP sealed continuous duty motor that turns at 1725 RPM, and with the pulleys, the jars are calibrated to turn at 64 RPM

All prices above do not include freight shipping costs.  We have worked with my freight carrier and we can deliver directly to your house (residential and lift gate charges usually kill freight prices) for a reasonable cost.  You can even save more on freight if you can use a business with a forklift or dock.  We will have to quote you directly for shipping once you are ready to order.

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1 Jar Mill Only, 2 Jar Mill Only, 3 Jar Mill Only, 1 Jar Mill with Jar, 2 Jar Mill with 2 Jars, 3 Jar Mill with 3 Jars, 1 Jar Mill with Jar and Media, 2 Jar Mill with 2 Jars and Media, 3 Jar Mill with 3 Jars and Media


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